31 mayo, 2009

Keep it in Mind.

I was walking to the bathroom, when suddenly, one of my "friends"...


I slowly turn around, disgusted.

-I have a problem.

-Can you tell to someone else? like... a friend?

He interrupts me
-Is my girlfriend... I think she's cheating on me.

-But, are you sure? I mean, she's been your girlfriend for... what, like 2 years now?... and besides how can you be mad if you cheat on her, almost every week? Does she know you are going to be a dad?

-Look, that's not what we're talking now. I just have this feeling in my guts, it's similar to a fart, but a little solid, that she's cheating on me.

-Look, I don't think that she's cheating on you, she's a nice girl.

-NO, NO don't you come here with that bullshit! you see, there are two types of women: the sluts and the hypocritical sluts. ok? keep that on your mind.

-What do you mean with: Hypocritical sluts?

-You know! the girls are all sluts, they always want to get pregnant having sex, with any guy who comes to her, and there are the Hypocritical sluts, which are the ones who want sex, but they say No, until you gave them flowers, and they give you their flower... if you know what I mean...
Starts doing gestures with his tongue.

-WOW!, you just opened my mind to a whole different point of view... you're just...

I start to walk away to the bathroom and I said to myself...

a bastard sonofthebitch...