27 junio, 2009

Honey, this is just the beggining.

So I was standing there looking around listening to Kate Micucci, when suddenly IT hit me!

I'm growing up, I have to spend my life working, I have to make money so my little baby can grow well and without worries, So that I can create the family that I want with Ms. Lily and our little Bean.

And, I know, I'm aware of all this since a while now, but now was when it actually made me realize that I'm happy with that...

That everything that is coming for me, is AWESOME!

Crying at Night
Worried about Incomes

I can´t wait!

I'm Fucking Happy!

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paty dijo...

Es tan lindo tu blog, yo quiero tenerlo más choriflai.
Te amo mucho y, es primera vez que escribes algo personal, o no?
Lindo! eres el mejor papi del mundo.